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How to be Successful in your Presentations 1

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Invitation for the series of seminars "How to be Successful in your Presentations" - part 1


You will learn powerful and successful presentation skills, how to put them to immediate use plus you will receive instant feedback from the audience. 


The first training in a series of seminars on 'How to be Successful in your Presentations' is:


Present with Purpose 


AV-prezentace is offering a new training service. We will do a series of half day workshops to improve your own personal presentation skills. Experienced trainers will work with you in interactive groups.

You will learn the following vital components of how to structure and write a successful speech



  • how to make each one crisp, clear and arrest the audience\'s attention in first 30 seconds
  • eg A powerful quote, rhetorical question, shocking statistic, humorous anecdote are all good examples of successful audience grabbers.


Body or main part of speech:

  • Use rule of 3 points and support each point with additional facts and information.



  • Summarise and review the main 3 points – use for call to action and end with memorable statement


Seminar language - English


The course will start 15th of July at 3 pm at the JABOK - Vyšší odborná škola sociálně pedagogická a teologická Praha (Salmovská 1538/8, 120 00 Praha 2, Praha-Nové Město) and will end at approximately 8 pm.


Please take advantage of our special offer of two for the price of one.! Pay 300 CZK before and you can bring one person absolutely free.


Book your space under info@av-prezentace.cz before 8th of July.


Further information also under info@av-prezentace.cz, telefon 281 864 982.



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